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Welcome to Mama's Attic!

Mama’s Attic was founded in 2020 after a successful art show curated by LaVon Stennis Williams (LSW) showcasing the art work her mother Emma Pearl Haynes Stennis left behind. Thrilled to learn more, event attendees strongly encouraged LaVon to open an art gallery for greater access to her mother’s art. Soon after, the concept of Mama’s Attic was born.

LSW knew that her mom used her art to tell history so she decided use her art work as the basis for a boutique museum that would provide an opportunity to learn about the complete story on the day to day life and experiences of African American rather than just a venue to showcase relics.

Mama’s Attic provides carefully researched exhibits that are curated around a historical theme.

The exhibits are mainly curated from the collection of artifacts, and historical research collected over the years by LSW and her mother who taught her the love of history. Prior to her mother’s death in 2006, Stennis-Williams and her mother would travel to visit places of historical significance to African-American history such as former slave plantations, museums, various cities. They often purchased or were given authentic artifacts on these excursions which includes historical books and bibles, an actual cotton sack, funeral fan from the funeral of Booker T Washington, quilts, and more. After opening the exhibit LSW has added even more to her extensive collection. These artifacts are used as the basis of the themed exhibits which change every three months. Each exhibit is accompanied by a short video related to the themed subject.

Mama’s Attic can accommodate individual or group visits. All visits are by appointment only. Visits are free, but donations are encouraged. Schedule your visit today!

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