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Media Feature: Uncovering the lost history of The Buffalo Soldiers in Nebraska

Mama's Attic was recently featured on KMTV highlighting our newest exhibit detailing the lost history of the Buffalo Soldiers.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

The Buffalo Soldiers were an all-Black army regiment created after the Civil War.

Much of their history is lost, especially details about their time in Nebraska.

Nevertheless, a local woman is looking to preserve what we know about their history in the cornhusker state for future generations.

Lavon Stennis–Williams has a museum called Mama's Attic, located in the Center Mall in Omaha.

"It's a tribute to my mother who actually instilled my love of Black history. And way before, long before the critical race theory argument, it was her belief that Black history should be taught without making anybody feel angry or inferior," said Stennis–Williams.

Her goal is to keep the Buffalo Soldier's legacy and their service protected.

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